Reviews for "Mogo-Mogo"

F@$k bogo he's a d!$khead he cant jumpfor s#!t

rest of it was alright though

Meh ok...

except for the red jellie thing jumping part. making the jumps smoother and easier to judge would have helped a lot. no one wants to spend forever on the same level especially when the lvl is as boring as cheese grating your own toes.

Why so easy?

That was so ridiculously easy that I was bored senseless. The only reason I kept playing was because I kept telling myself "the difficulty will probably pick up soon." Never did though.
Even the passwords are so simple they could be guessed.


i was just playing little wheel ha!

1 Problem..

although it is well made, and colourful and a lot of thought went into it.. the part where you have to jump the red jellies.. the controls are very slow and you just end up getting smacked in the face.. make it so that when you click the button, you actually jump cause sometimes i wouldn't move.