Reviews for "Mogo-Mogo"

I think you are an amazing creator,

Not because of the game's amazing graphics, but because of the worlds and stories you create. Also the game reminds me my favorite old game, The Neverhood Chronicles. Good luck in your career!

Easy but great

You were shown where to click most the time so really easy except for a few levels-- so more of a fun interactive video then a challenge game. But so cute and stylized-- loved it.

Alot of people are here for the challenge of the games-- so they will never be totally happy with this-- but that is OK, this game just dosen't serve that niche. If you want to serve them make a challenge point-and-click, but this easy style is totaly cool too -- just serves a diffrent (but smaller) group.

And as far as racist -- BAH! Don't listen to them. Racist is when you show a class of poeple is bad -- that little black guy is a hero. This is just styalized. Half the games on here have a white figure with a base-ball cap shotgunning everything in sight, or a little brown figure with feathers on his head scalping peope, or a black figure cooking people in a pot. If a black figure picking fruit is someones definition of being racist -- then they are looking for things to be insulted about.

I don't know what to say

I can't compose my thoughts into a coherent passage right now, so I'll be breaking it down into components

Gameplay - 7/10. The point and click system in this game was something not very often seen, click points obviously laid out for the user to figure out how to work. I thought it was refreshing to play something like this, but the lag time between where clicks are "allowed" tends to get frustrating.

Storyline - 2/10. I'm afraid that as far as a storyline goes, this game is severely lacking, for something supposedly being a prequel to a game mostly fuelled by its storyline. I believe alot of people would look to play this game because it is the prequel to Little Wheel, and I believe they would be, as was I, disappointed at how startlingly little relation to Little Wheel this game, that is being spread as the prequel to Little Wheel, has. Maybe as a stand alone game, it would have worked better, but giving it the status as a prequel to Little Wheel really disappointed me and I believe at least a significant percentage of the players who followed links to this game.

Artwork - 7/10 - I personally didn't like it, but I tried not to let that affect what score I gave this, and I suppose that this form of artwork does appeal to some portion of your target audience, so I'll let it go. What I want to talk about here is your character design. While you probably weren't intending to, your character design has sparked numerous comments here about your being racist. I would suggest that in the future you choose less provocative ways to represent your characters

Replay value - 0/10 - None, Zip, Nada, The game itself was boring, the levels were tiresome, and there was absolutely no way I would play this game again. Ever. It may have held some kind of rustic charm the first time through, or maybe to see what the "Greatest Invention" (which was glaringly obvious form the intro of the game) was, but there was no way I would go through that again

On the subject, the game itself was very very boring due to a lack of coherent connection or cohesiveness (Alliteration Win) between all the levels. All I saw was the main character being plunged into a series of random minigames to reach an objective completely unrelated to said minigames, and it was boring and tiring wondering when the end would come

Overall - 4/10

Your art and simple gameplay just weren't enough to save the fact that this game felt like a publicity stunt, riding off Little Wheel's success, and had nothing to contribute back to that success to speak of. If I had played this game before I had Little Wheel, this game alone might have put me off playing Little Wheel.

Sorry if I offend anyone in this.

Very disappointing

Delicious racism.
And ironically completely bereft of the noir style that made Little Wheel so beautiful.

Come On ...

little whell is awesome and have some difficult , but mogo-mogo is awesome but easy ...

9 star just because the difficult !