Reviews for "Mogo-Mogo"


This is one of the BEST flash games!!!

Great art, bad gameplay

depending on what people were after, this game was either good or bad. The art was beautiful, and the animation superb. I especially liked the bird's animation. Gameplay however, was monotonous and slow. The timing for the flying elephant jump was a bit messy, and sometimes there was just a bit too much going on for the game to be much fun. The level codes should not have been done the way they were, as who remembers a series of blobs? But I did thoroughly enjoy the way the animation was done, and the ideas behind them were out of this world. Well done, maybe reduce the complexity of some of the games (Like in little wheel it was just click whatever you saw and people appreciated the art more because they didn't have to think so much)

Kids' Game

Story: Game play doesn't seem to relate much to the "story." Nothing really big, like it could be made up on the spot. D+
Music: Nothing special, just another continuous track. Muting options make it O-K enough for B.
Difficulty: I like point and click, but not when you hold my hand through each and every step of it. Hints are one thing, but putting a circle around the only things i can use makes it FAR too easy. F
Graphics: Surprisingly well done actually. The character seemed more realistic and the general environment was shaded well. The only problem is that there's not much reason to look through it as it will point you to the only things you'll use with circles. A-
Instructions: Your "objective," while always the same thing, can be viewed by clicking on the floating Harry Potter ball-thing. The fact that this game is SOO simplistic and always the same goal, negate a real need for instructions. C
Overall I found the game to be very boring and simply too easy. Sorta nice to look at the graphics, and you didn't do much else to make it horrible other than the lack of difficulty. Made for four-year-olds. I give it a 3/10

Cool graphics...

... boring as hell.

Compared to little wheel...

I played little wheel and loved it so I had to try this game. Little Wheel had beautifully done graphics with a consistant aesthetic that I thoroughly enjoyed. This game threw the aesthetic right out the window and made it into a cartoon for two year olds. That disappointed me.
Then there's the story element of the games. This game completely ditched the smooth more or less linear feel of little wheel and instead of being a set of challenges leading into each other it ends up being a long line of the kind of minigames some devs used to put on their loading screens. That disappointed me greatly.
The last element of any game is the controls. I dig point and click games. They offer a simplicity you just can't find elsewhere. This game annoyed me though. Like most of the others on this game I had trouble jumping the "jellies," but that wasn't the real issue. The problem is really that you've taken away the physical realness of Little Wheel and put it into a dream world. This is not inherently bad but it is absurd to reduce the main character to a blob that mumbles at you every five seconds when you have placed the character in a world where literally anything is possible. That just show a real lack of imagination. That is a serious diappointment in a game designer.
At the last I will simply say I am disappointed in you. You created a game like Little Wheel before and were expected to only improve. Now we find ourselves waiting and hoping that maybe one day you will redeem yourself. Good luck.