Reviews for "Mogo-Mogo"

Mogo's wouldn't happen to like friend chicken?

I concur with some of the other posters here. Little Wheel is still a considerably better game. The story behind that game was better conceived. Lowly robot in accidently unplugged robocivilization goes about his robotic business robotically trying save robots in the way only a robot could do. This game is more vague. Normally being the arty post-modern "ooooh look! i'm flouting the norms of social decorum and interrogating all of our assumed notions about random bollocks" faggot that I am I be more than happy with this. However Mogo-Mogo seems to suggest that a afro-carribean pixie with huge red lips had to go on a coma induced hallucinegenic fit in order to conceive a wheel, along the way meeting some of artwork from Juxtapoz magazine that has inexplicably come alive, so as they can gather suspicous blue fruit more easily. I'm a little bit scared if i'm honest with. Still, inadvertant racism is always a laugh :)

Great art, decent ideas, but..

it's just not fun, the puzzles are mostly too easy, and the click lag is unnecessary.




Little Wheel was a pretty good game. But this game was so laggy. When I was on the yellow whale dodging the flying elephants I kept falling. It was so laggy the game glitched and I didn't get hit, and I couldn't get the blue orb. Even on low quality it still lagged a lot. I'll give you a 3 for a good storyline and good graphics, but otherwise, you have to fix the lag.


I found the game to be incredibly pointless, it tells you what to click, so there is no skill plus the lag in clicking makes it incredibly difficult to time anything.

Overall it was very boring.