Reviews for "Mogo-Mogo"


Im not sure if i liked it that much.

It was a "Ill play cus i played little wheel" more than a "Oooo whats this game"

I didnt realy enjoy it but in all honesty this mustve taken some time and mustve been realy frustrating to make so my score is quite high as i understand how much effort went into the little things such as red elephants in the background and little things that dont need to be there but they are and it makes the game more visualy appealing :P

Anyway good work on the design.

not much

i actully didnt realy enjoyed this... it is wat off than what little wheel had accomplished...


This game isn't the best. The graphics are good and all, but the puzzles are super easy, and the plot is kinda stupid. No offence, but it could be much better

Not working

when you have to jump over those red things my mouse isnt clicking...

Pros and Cons

Really nice and calm game here.
The artwork was amazing IMO, very creative and uplifting.
The music was a bit nice, but got repetitive after a while, as did the sound effects.
But the main problem of the game is the supposition that the user is an "Idiot". In every puzzle i've played there was a circle telling the player exactly what he should do, destroying the feeling of exploration of the puzzle, who, mended with the great graphics, would improve the game a lot.
The password system was also a drag, not beeing able to save is sad, but using bizarre character that are hard to write down was a two headed snake...