Reviews for "Primary"

Well ...

I don't know if this is my own problem . I think it's a game bug for me because when I'm getting out of the leave ( unable to move ) . If I press any of the keys . The screen will turn grey and jumped back to the main menu . Which I have to play the same stage again . It's a awesome game overall :) .

Difficulty with the controls.

There is a lot of stuff going on here. First I want to stay the game game runs very smoothly and the graphic are wonderful. The storyline is interesting and easy to follow. At the same time, the keyboard layout chosen was not the best. While many players might be accustomed to using WASD to move around and other keys to attack and do other things, I am not one of these people, and surely only the only one. I would suggest implementing a choice between WASD and the arrow keys for movement. It is very uncomfortable to use both WASD and JKL at the same time for a hunt-and-pecker typist such as myself. This alone kept me from truly enjoying this game and seeing it as others have. Excellent music and good graphic definitely add to a good game, but awkward controls can detract from that badly and leave a player unable to see a masterpiece as more than a frustrating let-down. Overall, I give 7 stars for wonderful music, graphics and story. If the controls were easier to handle or if they were customizable, this game would have been an easy 10 for me.

bad ass!!

this game is pretty awesome when you get into it, cant wait to see more

Badly hurt by the controls.

The controls for this game are horribly clumsy; they badly detract from what might otherwise be an enjoyable game to the point.

I think what's making this game so hard to play is the fact that the jump button is on the same hand as the left and right buttons. The JKL setup for red/blue/yellow or whatever colors they're supposed to represent was not well-thought out either; it would have been better to dedicate just two buttons to cycling left and right through the colors. Clicking to cycle feels very awkward, and quickly switching through colors to use their powers does not flow smoothly.

Want more please. Danke!

This is raw. I need more. It took me a while to get the wall jumps down, and even up until teh last level I would hit the wrong color button and get a sudden rush of spikes to the face. I did have a little problem with yellows teleporter. I couldn't use it on the go, I had to stop and wait a second or two and then mash the key a bit (a key that I think would have been more effective as either E or Shift.) Overall a stunning ten. I can't wait to see the sequel... and there WILL be a sequel...