Reviews for "Primary"

Awesome game

I love the concept of this game and in terms of the audio and visuals, I see no flaws. The only issue I have is that the gameplay could be a bit smoother, and it is buggy at times, but regardless this game is still tons of fun. Nice name for hueman super soldier by the way, Roy G Biv lol

Very good however...

very well made game, controls are easy to get used to. very annoying at times, but in a good way. only thing i noticed is that for some reason the 2nd time trial achievement, while in game is received, i didn't get on newgrounds medal list, other than that awesome game, very addictive highly recommended

I have to agree with mohawkorz

It is a great idea for a game, but I got stuck w/o being able to change colors on 2nd lvl and it is pretty buggy. So 6/10 for the idea and just see if you can check on those bugs.

like it

king of the online flash games. it have the feeling of portal in it too


great game great game idea to swich colors.just great