Reviews for "Primary"

Great game

By far one of the better games I've played here. Only problem I had is that the wall jumping is either too sensitive or not sensitive enough, and I wind up tripping over my own fingers trying to get up walls. Which towards the latter portions of the game really slowed me down.

This game sucked badly.

It didn't work. My buttons went crazy. When I pressed S, it started jumping and it didn't stop it. When I pressed W, nothing happened. Then I pressed D, and the dude walked to left. When I pressed A, the dude walked to right.

Major glitches.

Sometimes he would`nt stop jumping one time he couldn`t stop going left and other times he did both. I don`t get why this is happening 4 but maybe an update could fix it if that`s to hard to ask? It seemed ok but its the the glitches are constant and i put it on low quality yet didn`t seem to do anything.

i loved it.

Though i did not play through the whole game i have to admit, i loved the part i did play.

What really gets my attention when i play games like these is how creative and fun they are to play.

I'll be looking forward to many more games like this.


add a life bar or at least like the 3 hearts $hi+ . 1 hit and i go back to the beginning of the stage O.o