Reviews for "Primary"


This game takes spy games and plat formers to a whole new level. I love the way the different "primary" colored characters do different things that are essential to get through each level. Nothing in this game won't make you think hard about how to find the exit. The art work is amazing and fluid, but also in it's own way quite simple which is essential for games. The music along with the elevator music is also a nice touch.

"Can't stop playing"
-Josh Miller

I love this game but...

it's so hard to wall jump!


Love the game it very creative... but the button problem makes me MAD, I try to play and Roy runs off the platform into black goo.. and dies.

Have you though about posting this game some where else?

One of my favorites.....

I love this game i'll play it a thousand times.....A million times a perfect game.

Sad :(

I'm sad because I really want to play this game, but I can't cause the controls aren't working. I press D, but the character won't move that direction so I can't get past the first part. You've suggested downloading google chrome, but I'm not allowed to download anything on this computer and I tried adding newgrounds to my trusted sites as well and that didn't work. But I want to give it some stars anyway, because it looks really cool.