Reviews for "Primary"

Wow!! Really cool!

An artists' best friend... -'s game! It always got stuck for me too (see review below). But... now that I listen, the guy sounds like the VG Cats youtube comics' Pants Man. For some reason, I found this very very amusing, for I was actually rofl-copter-ing (What the fook). True story. Anyhoo, I really hope you can smooth out the glitches... It's an amply creative idea.

quality control

i like the concept and i like the creativeness for the game, but i just wish there was a quality button (or there is if i didnt find it). the game runs pretty slow as it is... id like to speed it up, thats all

JackSmack responds:

Right click menu is where you can set the quality.

very aditcing

very fun and awesome story line i give it a 9

pretty good

its good but its slow and should be more controls options

Good Game

But I was on level 26, when it gave an error and when I came back to level and 2 D: