Reviews for "Primary"

pretty nice,but buggy

on the second level i was unable to switch colours, so that kinda destroyed it.
i was stuck as red, so i was unable to progres forward.
sorry, it looked nice, but too buggy


How do I configure controls? I'm more comfortable with the arrow keys, but I can't change it. If you're going to set the keys as something like WASD, AT LEAST have an option to change it. Points off for that. Do something about it, please.


Great game but please tell me how to beat level 10 the giant black blob


this game rocks i wish it had a part 2 of this



0. Hello!

1. Good Points:
* Gameplay and Replayability. Rarely do i get hook on a game, let alone a flash game, but Primary has me hook, line and sinker. Although the moves are pretty limited, the gameplay proves innovative enough to have an extended playability.
* Graphics. Awesome. What can i say? The graphics are smooth the use of the colors are fantastic. Very pleasing to the eyes.
* Music and SFX. Very entertaining, the sfx are right on the money and the music is pretty easy to listen to.

2. (Not so) Good Points:
* N/A

3. Great job! I couldn't believe I have only stumbled upon this only now.