Reviews for "Primary"

This use 2 B my s&@t. 5 Stars.

That was a great game so far! I like the music, the designing, and the whole plot! Things that made me go "niiiiice", is that you can do platforming with corresponding colors that the protagonist, Roy, that what color conditions he has. The designing of the final boss looks really good tbh. I pretty much liked his mouth, and eyes. My favorite part about the antagonist is that when he hits the ice block (that blue Roy inputted) made his arms injured, leaving him for awhile to heal, makes him all pretty ticked off that what Roy did to him. Though this game may have some flaws, such as loss of additional music, (the music will always play on every floor, also including the boss music) most levels were pretty easy, unless I make it hard by every mistakes I made, got me to the point of loss of thought, and focus. And the boss difficulty. It takes about 3 hits, and all phases are repetitive. That pretty much kills the entire "extreme" challenge I had in the last floor. But hey, this game is right on the big, juicy, hot, spicy spot of my game list. Me likey. Have a cookie my dude. And I imagine. What happens if those "black goopy creatures" were friendly? Based on my imagination.
EDIT: I forgot to mention, is there any chance that they will be making a sequel? (because to clarify the ending, the word: "To Be Continue" is shown.)

JackSmack responds:

I have kicked around the idea of a Primary sequel for several years. I started development on it before the flash apocalypse. Didn't get super far into it. I can't rule it out, though it might wind up being a reboot with more content, instead of a direct sequel at this point.

I just complete Level 12. It's better playing on here rather than on Armorgames.com.

the first boss needs a major nerf or i just suck but good game