Reviews for "Balloon in a Wasteland"

My way to win

Make sure to have a level 2 or higher tower then build it and it will affect your coin...you don't fight and just climb the tower and you won't get hurt and when the horde stops you get your ass downstairs and build the balloon

Great game 5/5

I really liked this game, because is quite simple but at the same time challenging. I would love it if it was a little longer.
Anyways, AWESOME :D

a great game but,

I think you should have it to where you could fire from the shelter,but they could attack the shelter so youd have to be fast when killing,so its challenging.

Fun game.

Very entertaining. My suggestions are to make a survival version without the balloon repairing, and have wave's destroy shelter if you're in the roof. And if the shelter reaches 0, you fall down to the ground, and lose turrets. Also not sure if this is in or not, but I didn't notice it, that sleeping in your fort restore stamina faster. And possibly a workshop or something that gets you money.

best game ever