Reviews for "Balloon in a Wasteland"


i give you a 100/100 !!!!!! i really like it its AWESOME!!!

awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sick ass game!!!!

cool game

loved shooting aliens and upgrading stuff was fun . top 15% on the high scores in the world cheers : )

-Com'n guys,you can't be so weak...

That's what I mean.If you just play,it shoud be very easy.It's the only bad thing here-everything else is perfect.
The rare achievements collecting is much harder-check this out,everyone!

its ok

its fun at first but once u figure it out you become god.i wont spoil it fr any 1 but there is a specific beginning that will make the game endless and u have infinite money and no leaks. you sould probably set it so the waves become much larger