Reviews for "Balloon in a Wasteland"

Why should you stay in this wasteland and not jump into one of these trucks to go home? It would be a lot easier, wouldn't it? Too easy, maybe... =P
By the way, very nice cool, I enjoyed playing it! ^^

i wanna play this everyday (i say wanna because i dont know the much because i know the game and not the name)

is pretty cool.
i hope there is a village and there are someone who can give you quests for more money , someone to hire for the turrets , and can build unlimited forts and unlimited traps , u can hire someone in the village
to help you kill the baddies but they dont have HP just guns (i want unlimited) and there should have technologies to research some weapons or traps .. im waiting for the next part .. :)


Guy with hat + Guns + Monsters = Epic