Reviews for "Balloon in a Wasteland"

Great game

Loved the upgrades,
Good feeling to it.
Nice strategy involved,
was not to hard, nor to easy.

You are the king of balance


ive been playing this an armor games ever since it came out. ive been waiting for it to get here!!! one thing could make it better though, more length. i always win in just a few minutes. but awesome game anyway!

Super duper dude

jmtb02, you're like the Mark McGuire of Flash games. Always hitting it out of the park (and it's common knowledge that you self-administer copious amounts of steroids).

So thanks a lot for yet another great game. Keep it up! Don't let the testicular atrophy scare ya!


This game is very addictive, though it would be cool with longer gameplay. It is excellent otherwise :) Gchreat job