Reviews for "Balloon in a Wasteland"

I didn't know this was a jmtb02 game! All his games are so great, and this one speaks for itself. The atmosphere is awesome, and its got achievements!
'Nuff said


Like it
Cool games

i love it you Should make balloon in a WASTE land 2 with more enimieS and make them damage the fort and balloon pluS more partS of the map to explore AND ALSO more Stuff and upgrade LEVELS.

Yeah, the game was too easy. I've escaped, I guess before Day 3, considering I only got the Day 2 notice, by just waiting out the onslaughts in the fort. You can't take damage in it, the balloon never gets damaged, and the enemies just keep on going. I only ever got the shotgun, because I escaped before I could even get 2000 in the bank.

The game is too simple and too easy to win. Make the enemies hit you or at least damage the fort. Otherwise you just wait out every wave and you clear the game without ever being challenged.