Reviews for "Balloon in a Wasteland"


i think it would be really cool if you could use the sniper rifle from inside your fort

Definite favorite.

The simplicity of the game prevents you from getting a 10, but i really like this game. Add medals!

Amazing game.

The gameplay was amazing. The all important shopkeepers were essentals...everyone knows of running around, HOPING you find the right things..but they come to you. The enemies, although, bland at best. Repetitive. The stamina bar was annoying. The enemies were sloppy at best and the "You can't attack while in your fort or while building." Was a bit annoying. However, this is a beautiful and wonderful game with unquie plot and characters and the of course somber, grey but brillant music track. Bravo!

Awesome but repetitive...

The uniqueness and the orginiality of this game outstands a variety of different games that are available to play currently. This game not only stands out for it's uniqueness but also it's simple yet very complex and very challenging designs and complextion.
I found myself at the start of the game, quite confused at time and I found it challening since I did not correctly apply the best solution within the game such as, I did not bought the right things at the right times.
After this however, I found myself enjoy and grasp the game tightly with it's amazing flaws and addictive aura but after a while I found myself doing the same actions over and over again which I personally found quite repetitive.
The graphics and dimensions of the game and it's orginal characters and simple yet effective backgrounds and details should be applaud sicne it gave an amazing display during the frustrating while very fun game.
Overall, I am safe to say, that this game is very good and quite fun for those who are in to these types of games.

U cannot get all medals.

U kno why?
just read these 2 medals :
Survive day 3 and escape before day 4
Is it possibal?
But still the game is awesome!
Thanks for addicting me!