Reviews for "Balloon in a Wasteland"


a little short but still fun

Simply awesome

This game was simply awesome, graphics were fine.
Concept was fine. A nice and addictive game :)

My final stats
125 Hours | 1,204 enemies killed | Total cash earned; $66,305.00

I Found A Bug

Its A Good Game But Everytime I Buy The Uzi Its Like Nothin Moves Until I fire Or I Move Like Right Now The Game Is Playing And Its Not Doing Anything B/c Im Not Fireing, And Ive tried This Like 5 Times Even With Different Browers, And It Keeps Doing The Same Thing, But Ill Give U A 8/10 b/c this happened but i do like the game and the idea of it but please fix this

Good work

Really enjoyed playing this, found myself leaving the balloon 99.9% repaired so I could extend the game.

This is the 2nd time i beat it.

Great game, but the only problem is that the fort has HP, but nothing can hurt it!

its almost 100% pointless to actualy upgrade the fort.

also, the lazer gun(best wep) is very bad.

sure its a 1 hit kill.. but the gun befor it destroys massive amounts of enemys!

and this gun (once upgraded) can only take out 3 befor you need to reload.