Reviews for "Invisible Runner"

not good

man WHAT IS WITH YOU WITH THE GRAPHICS!!!!!? .... seriously.... try to make update with the ability to make the UGLY LINES go away...... so for now i'll just BLAM by 1.... UNTILL IT IS MADE

It was a good game but...

I don't like the graphics. It wasn't drawn very well, so i have to give it an 8\10.

Very Interesting Concept

I've played many platform games and in every one, I can clearly see my character. This game gives an interesting twist to the original concept and an added degree of challenge. The style (overall layout) of the game fits your idea perfectly, not too plain or overreaching at the same time. The music also gives a sense of calm. Very well done!


I started the game thinking "What a shit!" but I was playing 'til the end xD

Really addictive, with simple graphics but a beautiful atmosphere, and good music (although too much repetitive if you play much)

Some physics could be improved, the lighting sometimes catch you when you have passed it well, or some strange bounces, but, seriously, good game!

P.D. 3 last levels are really hard!


TY CRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got the hidden meddle!w00t!