Reviews for "Invisible Runner"

Fun game

I enjoy the overall concept of the game. Very creative and fun. Good job.

Very cool!

I love everything about this game. Not too many levels but just enough, I love the black color scheme with a color background (makes the stage and the player pop in the forefront), and I love the difficulty of the game itself -- it was hard, but not hard to the point where it was impossible (the same goes for the medals / achievements!) It was a challenging experience, and what an original concept for a video game! :D

My only complaint about the game is that sometimes it is laggy. I don't know if that's the game itself or an error on my part, but I am willing to overlook that because that's just a minor detail that can be fixed if it needs fixing. You did an amazing job!

10/10! :D

Secret Invisible Medal

Hey guys,I found Secret Invisible medal on level 10, in top-left corner.Just jump on that platform and you will get it.

not bad...

but whats the point of the game if you're visible most of the time?


A refreshing platformer with great programming and a neat concept. Levels differ from one plain of blocks to several obstacles and annoyances.

Played this a long time ago, so it was pretty nostalgic i guess to play this and be like wow i remember this game.

PS. Kudos on putting music by David Calatayud. (Love his work)