Reviews for "Invisible Runner"


its pretty fun but sometimes when Im invisable it feels like im pretending to play the game instead of actually playing it

Great idea, but glitchy

The general principle of the game is really thought out very well, and is very interesting.

The overall look and design was very nice, and I personally liked the background music.

But I also couldn't help noticing that the game is sometimes glitchy; the character touches the ground/dies when you jump on moving platforms that are actually over the ground, or he just slips and falls if you jump straight up on them.

Great game

Great concept and game play

2 things I dont like

1. You can jump into walls above you...

2. On one of the early blue levels I got a medel and the achievement sign blocked the fact that there were spikes there


Fairly good, personaly i think shift is better


have you tried going to another game, then searching it again?
if so, idk what to do