Reviews for "Invisible Runner"

Shut up about the graphics dammit!

I find this to be a fun great game!


I could care less about graphics, as long as the game is good who gives a shit wat it looks like right? And the game is good, i always love a good challenge and this one delivers like no other. 10/10


Personally, you can't ask for more out of a platform game. Original ideas, good game play. The only personal thing I would ask for is a story line to follow. Give every second of the game meaning. =] 9/10

great platformer

It is difficult,but fuun as well also the concept is original so i gues id give it a 9


Great music added to this game. I see that people don't really like the graphics but just to say, I think it's pretty good. The graphics is meant to be like that, to give it some sort of texture. You could have improved on the smoothness of the game. Overall I think it deserves a hearty 9/10. Well done, my friend.