Reviews for "Invisible Runner"


Making the character invisible?You cant even see your character.A little line tracing out the characters body when hes invisibe would help. But any way,Amazing job!

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda....

I honestly wanted to give this game higher score. I mean, the concept was very innovative, and the minimalist approach was rather impressive, but the problem was the platforming itself. The controls are very loose and the hit detection is off. Remember those bumpers in the Sonic games? The ones that, if you hit them, they would bounce you away? Some of the walls apparently had bumpers built in or something.
If the coding is tweaked so the game is actually playable in the latter levels, I think would deserve double the score I am currently giving it. But the platforming in the later stages frustrated me to no end. I cannot recall how many times I saw that infernal "Game Over" screen! Ugh! I need to go vent...

Nice Job

The controls were good and simple.
This was a very challenging game because of the fact that you were invisible and only had three lives to keep your score.
Very original idea. I don't know any other game like this.
Graphics and music were very good. That music was very, very relaxing and matches very well with the graphics.
Overall, excellent work.
4/5 - 9/10

he this is a cool game

i like the fact he is invisible it makes it chalenging

It's alright...

More animations and ways to die next time! Extra star for the sweet title music!