Reviews for "Tibetan Fox Returns"

Nice Work

These are pretty damn funny. The animation is obviously simplified to make it funnier, although there isnt much to these they're simply funny. As a running joke this could live for a long long time. I laughed so hard at both of them. but for its simplicity i wouldn't feel right giving it a full ten.

This is good

I just wish this was more well known or at least more people liked it because I love it.


...Where does he get off? He's such a party pooper...


Tibetan Fox is fucking hilarious! You're a genius. Voice acting is awesome.
please make another sequel :)

simplistic, damn funny, but still with a meaning, where the fox represents this kind of people eammy already said :P

Please... make a sequel...

This is so simplistic and yet... SOOOOOOOOOOFUNNY!!!!