Reviews for "Tibetan Fox Returns"

So freakin' hilarious.

This is one of my favorite flashes of all time.
Despite that you didn't animate it, which personally I think adds to it, the idea of this fox and personality you gave him based off the photograph is absolutely priceless.

It's one of the only flashes that makes me burst out laughing when I watch it.

Thank you for that sir.

Whyd you stop dancin?

I just feel like... sittin down now... yeah...
Whateve makes ya happy.....

This could be me in tibeten fox form


Why didn't this catch on!?

that fox

its like o.o

That fox

I could have seen this becoming the next internet meme, but I guess it never really took off. I think it takes off on the idea of animals starting at people for no reason or just looking silly. The animation was good, because you manage to show off action with only a few frames. If that is a real picture of a tibetan fox, I could see it becoming a meme given it time. I guess I have been here too long as I was expecting some disgusting thing to happen. Who would invite a Tibetan fox over is a good question.