Reviews for "Tibetan Fox Returns"

even better

this was even bettert than the first one, the men get so nervous, me and my friends were pissin ourselves with laughter

Good,good reply...

I hate these people who think they know THAT much to help people who work their asses knowing what they have to do or how to do it.
Don't pay attention these buggers just want to prove they are somewhat smart,introducing with a little ''super power'' joke implying they do are superior but turning it funny so we don't work ourselves against them...
Kinda lame...
For the flash now...GOD WAS IT PERFECT!
The stance,the background,the condescending look...All was cleverly arranged to blow the party sooooo bad. The uneasiness on the faces and the dialogs just adds up to the general awkwardness of the fox.
The use of such a random but at the same time not so random animal, given his natural elegance and vanity as for a lynx, is the key to absurd humor.
It magnifies the feeling we get at the party when someone is ruining it but now it's a completely passive and disturbing fox which...completely does it man wow!!


Even better than the first!
Keep it up!

funny, but falls far behind the first

I like this series, I think it is funny, and I will use my incredible analytical superpowers I received after being bitten by a radioactive structural engineer to determine why, and help you make it better:
As you must know, the Tibetan Fox is a serious looking animal, and the voice and attitude you gave him is absolutely perfect. In these movies, he is used as a reverse anthropomorphization of a type of person that much of us know.
The usage of the fox in "slice of life" situations and repersentation of a person with a similar demeanor, adds a comic affect where the viewer is like "omg, that is so funny, his face is perfect." The characters response is an inflated version of the uncomfortable feelings we recieve when a person acts like that; a weird dull person.

What you lost in this episode is the relation to the response and the action. The WORDS of the fox should cause the discomfort, as did the "oh, huh, yeah, that's great, yeah." In the first, the fox showed a rude, "i don't care" response and continued to respond to the person in such a tone. This is a situation that a person relates to. The face of the fox is a perfect magnification of the demeanor he is showing. The fox is also a freaky looking animal. Both of these aspects make the view laugh hysterically and not know why.
FOR OTHER REVIEWERS WHO DON'T CARE TO READ THIS: It's funny because you relate it to real experience and similar people.

If I made this episode, this is what I would have done:
For the first, a simple atmosphere was acceptable, since it was a new idea and the situation as a whole took place in a simple, unnamed environment. This is not only a sequel with the same idea, but also takes place in an detailed setting, so it requires a specific setting. I would have added a static of a house party with some ambient party chatter and music in the bg. Also, I would have tried to color the characters. Of course, this may not work out well and may revert white filling. Another thing I would try would be to cut out the head of the fox and put it on a human body also in front of a party background (not in same frame as the people.) Replace the hands of the body with fox paws and make him hold a glass or something. This also may not work, and would revert to just a fox cutout in a party background.
The humor in this one didn't make much sense either. The fox seemed to make the people uncomfortable with out much dialog that would create an uncomfortable situation. The look of the fox should not turn the characters off, it must be the comments of the fox. Also, do not point out the fact that he is, indeed, a fox. The fact that he is interacting like a human in a human environment adds to the humor. This should be more of a slice of life comedy more than an "omfg, he's a talking fox." The characters seemed to be freaked out by the fox's stare alone. In the first, it was the comments of the fox that were enhanced by the face. The comments cause the reaction in the story, the face adds the humor.

The first deserved a 10/10. This one, meh.. not so much. Put some more time and thought in both the art and humor and it would be gold.
feel free to pm for help. ^_^
good luck, i would like to see this become a successful series.

also, diversify the voice for the human characters.

ChibiWeeWee responds:

WRONG god you are so dumb LOOK POINDEXTER the thing that's funny is the look on the fox's face that is the joke right off the bat and the fact that it's just a fox is FUNNIER if I cut and pasted the head on a body it would lose the effect because okay look the position, the stance, and the facial structure of the fox are ALL coming into play here, his slight offcentered position gives him the impression that he's off lurking in an unimportant part of the "party" and how he's standing cocked sideways implies his disinterest in the situation at hand tibetan fox 1 worked the way it did because the focus was on the face and it introduced the character who is this fox who looks down on you but you never know exactly why. if i used that exact same joke and delivery again what would be the POINT okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! id just be rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic it would be pointless!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tibetan fox returns introduces a new joke where its not so much his dialogue that makes the characters uncomfortable but instead the culmination of everything the photo of the fox implies when put into the dance party situation the dialogue can largely be considered filler although it compounds upon the tibetan fox 1 personality in a different way, that is, implying that he looks down on you but never really revealing why, and its done so way more ambiguously!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont see preybirds doing that shit!!!!!!!!!!!!


HAha that fox is so annoying and have a funny voice xDDD

I can't stop laughing xD

*stop it! I give 10! Ahahahahhahh