Reviews for "Tibetan Fox Returns"

This is great and fuck all who don't appreciate it.

Wooow this is amazing! Finally a good animation in our featured movies!

I seem to have had a stroke and lost my sense of humor. Either that, or 48000 people are trolling me.
P.S. I feel like having toast now for some reason.

I don't want to call this a "hidden gem" because it does have 48,000+ views, BUT it is new to me! I love awkward humor and this was awesome. Simple and fun, good job!

... except THIS video is from 2010.

So it's either worth 10/10 for being a fun simple joke about a buzz killer,
or 10/10 for an apparently precognitive ability about a 2013 video.

Certainly not a 0/10 for a video that has NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS ANIMATION.

is my point view.