Reviews for "Tibetan Fox Returns"


nice job, this is hilarious, no shitting you, no sarcasm, i seriously find this funny.... that look on his face is priceless XD

might be offensive to my kind

Fox lovers like myself may find you little series offensive

PS: i don't find it so........and yet I do find it so......and yet I don't (my head is in pain)

fuck yes

whatever the fuck is happening here is fucking genius

Nicely done...

Very simple, but very effective.

It's quite hard to describe it. There are those type of people where you feel uneasy in their presence. Perhaps the human mind is fragile, but even though nothing threatening is happening, a fear still looms over you.

The dialogue works great. The script is great. The characters are hardly animated, but I wouldn't have it any other way. You have something going on here. Does Tibetan Fox have some sort of power/ authority over those guys, or is it all in their head? What is there to be nervous about?

You have done very well, ChibiWeeWee.


I don't understand why both this and the first tibetan fox have such a low score, if someone like egoraptor had put this out it would have at least a 4.4 average. These are two amazing submissions, great work!