Reviews for "Tibetan Fox Returns"

This fox is worst them buzz killingtonā€¦

okay i think i get it they are in party then a picture of fox apears i think the fox represent the song what does the fox say and is such a shitty song that doesn make u want to party? is my point of view

This is terrible. You took a very nice looking picture of a fox and used it with an art style that feels subpar. The fox has a desert background yet the guys had no background. It
wasn't funny it was just annoying. The loop at the end served no purpose.

This is very funny!

It's amazing that an animals facial expression can pierce a persons soul so deeply haha.
This isn't the funniest flash out there, but I am definitely a fan of that pompous fox!
It'd be hilarious to see him with a monocle and a top hat XD