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Reviews for "vel.blast()"

Right, well, yummymelon pretty much said it all...

I love this game! The atmosphere was really well put-together; the music and the graphics matched perfectly, and I loved the little voice.

As an "arcade" game, this is great. Its repetitive gameplay actually works in its favour, the rate at which the difficulty increases is steady but challenging, and the variety of enemies is numerically simple but complex enough to provide an engaging experience.

However, this is more than just an arcade game, because of the Upgrade feature. That was a very nice touch! It provides continuity without the demand for plot, like a role-playing game, and allows players to feel as if their points are achieving more than a spot on some kind of e-peen glory board.

Speaking of achievements, my only suggestion there would be to incorporate a -tiny- bit more descriptiveness in the Achievements section. A little humour wouldn't hurt, or maybe a little info on the varieties of enemies to provide meaningless but fun science fiction text. Hell, it's not even a necessary improvement to gameplay, that's how minor the suggestion is.

I have zero complaints about this game. Well done!

Pretty darn awesome!

Really cool idea! I thought it was really fun ^^

Great One! Good work

First i thougt: Hmm... looks interesting! And then i got addicted to it. Curse you for making such a good game ;D Your curse will be... a 5/5 and 10/10... MUHAHAHAHAA... wait... O.O'

Very fun

I managed to get lvl 9 on everything, the game was entertaining. However, by the time I got the hang of the game, I noticed you might as well have called it "dodge the purples!" The other bullets are practically inconsequential, until you've been hit by the drain bullets too many times. By higher levels, you pretty much only lose when you accidentally kill one of the enemies that shoots out purple in every direction while you're dead on top of it. It knocks out your shield completely, and you have to run laps around the map until you're safe again.

Very fun, but the fact that the only true obstacle is the purples is what made this a 9 instead of a 10.


I was expecting DoDonPachi levels of difficulty

lucidrine responds:

if it's as difficult as DoDonPachi's levels, i'm afraid many people won't play it due to difficulty set too high =_=