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Reviews for "vel.blast()"

I didn't just book mark it.

I fucking made this game my homepage!

Simple graphics but extremely enjoyable. The game is not only pleaseing to the eye but fun to play as well. The control scheme is simple, nothing complex which is great if you just want to get in and kick some ass. The upgrade system is nice. At first it was hard for me to earn points, mainly cause I didn't know what the hell I was doing. But it's gotten easier!

Well worth the 10 stars and more!


The music is awesome, I like it and downloaded it!
The Graphic is awesome too! I like it!
Make another version of this game, with awesome music too :D
I fyou can, add some storyline :D

Awesome is all I can say

I cannot find fault in this game. Everything is well done. Great job on the game

not my type of game

5/10 for depth


As far as I know this is a very original game! The upgrade system is good and the game play is awesome. The only downside to it is that once you've upgraded everything a ton, the beginning levels are slow. That doesn't take away from the game though. All in all, a very great game!