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Reviews for "vel.blast()"


It's good, it's challenging, and it's quite fun. you DESERVE the front page.


Fun and hectic. Upgrade system is nice and despite losing constantly you never really feel bad that you lost. I have learned to hate the color purple.

very nice game

it got some good atmosphere and i like the upgrade system, but tehre's a glitch i noticed that i hope u fix. If u finish a phase but at the same time u die, the game stops and you lose all points u made during that game, which kinda sucks when u reached a very high score.

Kick Ass

Really well put together; intuitive gameplay, the upgrade option is seriously kinky, and it looks and sounds amazing - that voice pushes the game into the 10 bracket for sure, what a sweet idea!


Need help

I did maximum level 29 but when i play i make near level 26 not lower than 25 xD . Ok the ideea is i don't know how to get past this. I run out of shield in higher levels becouse so many purples appear and can't dodge them all . Some advices please?