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Reviews for "vel.blast()"

Another Review!~

Ugh, I haven't written a review in a long, long time, so I might be a bit out of it when I write this. And I'd like to apologize if any of this offends anyone who reads this beforehand.

First of all, allow me to congratulate you on the graphical part of the game. It's nice, it's clean, and it's gives a really refreshing mood when you look at it.

The best aspect of the art was that its light blue background and colourful bullets matched perfectly with the music, and the mood it gave off was just wonderful, and well-fitting for an arcade bullet-hell type of game.

The gameplay was original, as far as I know, so that's a plus. But the way its designed does give off some flaws, which I'll talk about first.

The fact that you're shielding and able to 'abosrb' bullets kind of doesn't fit the bullet-hell style, in my opinion. You're no longer forced to evade and move around, you can just sit there and wait it out. I understand that you put a limiter on the shielding, obviously, but it still doesn't feel right.

This can be most obviously be seen when one can just sit there, simply button-mash the mouse, and still easily get to phase 15~20. (And I mean very, very easily.) The quick energy refilling speed, and the large maxinum energy allowing you to hold it for seconds at a time easily allows this. This may be intentional, but it still... just doesn't feel right, I guess. xD

But in any case, the gameplay is very easy to learn, and allows various ways of enjoying the game, which is a very good thing. This allowed a lot of replay value for players who enjoy these types of games, allowing them to test varying styles out. However, as these are differences in style of playing gameplay, I believe that to some people, this game would get old rather quickly. As other have most likely mentioned, other differences like different ships and such would've been better in this aspect.

There's not much else to review, as this is quite the simple game, so I'll end it at here with the reviewing. The following is just useless text so you can ignore it.

-> A mod I would like: Much less Max Shield EN, Faster recovery time during forced recharging, a EN recharging speed that goes from slow to very fast kind of.

->More stuff would've obviously been nice. And some kind of storyline as well, maybe? Ah, but the storyline would completely ruin the "arcade" aspect of the game... Forget it, xD

->The EN draining bullets were a really nice addition! Especially because it's purple! Huzzah for purple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~ xDDDDDDDD

->I'm wondering... The guy who got 10 million on the leaderboard... Does he/she have a life/! How long would it have taken to do that....... One word- OMGWTFOTL...

->If you don't give us another game very soon I will curse you so that a brick will drop upon your head(s) every day for the rest of your lives!!! NOW GET BACK TO WORK!
(Although exactly how I'll achieve is something that I have yet to gain knowledge of. Meh, who cares, I'll manage it someday... I mean, nothing impossible once your put your mind to it, right?)

lucidrine responds:

Whoa thank you for you review! We'll try to improve in the next installment :)

Good timewaster

This game is fun. Gets a little old after a while, but good if you have some time to kill. The only major complaint I can give is that the instructions are very vague. It would be much easier to play the game if you were given a better description of what to do.

"stylish" Bullet Hell

It would be more fun when the enemy shoots with more "stylish".
Instead of just firing shots toward you, enemies can have more variety, like splash a bullet circle around itself, shoot bouncing shots, firing "cluster bomb" shots, or firing lasers! After all, it gets boring when I just charge in the enemies, absorb shots then explode them in front of their face.
Those small bots that trace you is really fun.

i liked it, but..

the one thing i didnt like is the shop, to high to get the items to buy them

One little thing

being able to expand that shield which absorbs the bullets would be awesome, through upgradeing, so you dont gotta be so precise, or maybe a magnet that turns on when you turn on your shield, and you upgrade that the farther out it works ( use a black hole :P)