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Reviews for "vel.blast()"


Sounds are nice and gameplay is really good, but I think I've seen a similar gameplay somewhere else. Anyway the gae is nice and upgrades are too. But let me ask you one thing, do achivements aid for something?


Hehe...tha voice is funny xD

It's a good game!

Though not my kind of game, I can't help but give you credit for making a fine game!
There were some points that I did and did not like, but overall I have to admit that you did a good job.
I'm very fond of the music and female computer voice. They get that neo-computer vibe going that really fits the game. Giving players the option to switch it off if they so desire to is also a nice touch!
I think you've made the right decision by keeping the graphics somewhat simple; if they'd have too much details, the game might have become too unclear at times and would lose its edge. I do find that the vehicles could be more polished. Also, I think you've used too bright colours, especially on the background. When using the shield (indicated by white), you can't even see the shield that often because of the (somewhat blurry) bright background.
Gameplay was a lot of fun with enough variation (even though, as I said before, I'm not very fond of these types of games)! I agree with you on the different ways to play; the game really does seem to be compatible with different play-styles.

An amusing game, even for those that aren't too fond of the genre!


It's not too often you find a really good game that lets you play with one hand and eat with the other.

Fun wee shooter.

The graphics could be a bit clearer though, sometimes the shield graphics get a bit distracting, and all the bullets are different shapes which kind of gets confusing.

Otherwise it's quite unique and fun to play for a while.
The music's nice too.

You should add NG medals to increase replay value!