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Reviews for "vel.blast()"


its a good game, but it gets broring with time. i dont know what to change, but something is missing. except for that, good game.

cool con

i liked it totaly pasive/agresive


Good game, but still some defect like its better not to move, the only thing i'm gonna say it's really bad and sux it's to start all over again everytime, i mean you can get to higher lvls easily but still i got really bored of that.
ideas, improve the upgrade system, good balance in point and stuff but still the problem of going back, again getting low points everytime, maybe other upgrades like less time in recharge (you get easily killed if u got no shield and recharging last forever when u upgrade add the purple shoot that makes you lose energy and u die if u got no energy at higher levels), or faster charging the bullets, and the one you really need is health recovery, or items that appear between phases that gives you energy, if u want to keep the start all over again that would be the answer
good game, a sequel with lot of improvements would be great

Super fun

Awesome game, great gameplay, as everyone has mentioned, it was smooth!
The difficulty curve was pretty well suited to the upgrade costs.
The only thing that really kept me playing, though, was the achievements. It's a pretty simple game, and if not for the achievements (I have OCD so once I saw I had one achievement, I had to get the rest...) I would've likely given up on it sooner.


for the achievements i need 1 more for both the combo and the waves completed lol :)

down to business.

the concept for this game is really awesome.
it starts out pretty easy, but around level 16 or so, it really does become bullet hell.

i have THOUROUGHLY enjoyed this game.

but i gotta say, the beggining levels were more fun for me.
not for difficulty reasons, but because you can actualy move around and play with the deflector. plan your shots and stuff.
but in the high levels its becomes "OH GOD!!! SHIELD SHIELD SHIELD"

anyone looking for advice, i share this with you.

early in the game, you can deflect, or collect your charge, whatever you prefer, doesnt matter so much.
me, i just sit in the middle, collecting whatever comes my way, then blasting them with a charge shot...
but around level 12 or so, you need to switch it up...
dont fully charge your thing, or you will never be able to keep your energy up, due to all the purple emp bullets.
this is when you need to use more deflection than charge...
besides... everydeflect will get at least a few kills...

i get into a corner, and sit there doind a "deflect, move to safe spot, repeat"
kind of thing.
and if the energy runs out, then hightail it to another corner, they will be semisafe for a few seconds till everything reaims on you.

however i only got to wave 24 with this, so there are bound to be better stratagies...
this is now yours to improve on.

thanks alot for another awesome game ^.^
and killing about 3 hours of my life.