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Reviews for "vel.blast()"

the best i've played of its type

if you added powerups or something similar then you would have it all, you got the cool music, the weird computery voice, you can buy upgrades, and its actually challenging! graphics are also surpsingly good. well done


I don't think I've ever enjoyed a game well enough to bother putting a review down, but this game really hit me hard. The music, the sound effects, everything was just incredible. The concept was pretty creative which is so hard to see now-a-days.I clicked this game thinking the title for it looked intresting and I'm leaving this game with a smile because of how well put together it was. Continue the great work.

Just awesome!!!!

I love this type of game.

Fun game, but you need to be more wary...

The only issue that personally have with it is the placement of the bars. It's near impossible for me to keep an eye on my energy. The bar is so small and my mouse speed is already so high that keeping good track of your energy is impossible when you play a style where you're consistantly moving.

You should really update the game with an option to add your ship's bars to the bottom of the screen so its actually possible to pay attention to your status if you have a fast-paced and extremely hetic play style. I lose all my energy way more than I know I would lose if I had bar on the bottom of the game saying how much Energy I have.

Very frantic, and original

I would almost give this game a 10. The only thing it's missing is a recharge speed upgrade option. Add that in there, and you've got yourself a perfect game.