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Reviews for "Street Fighter Club"

Oh RYU your ass is vvonderful!

Nice memes xDDDDDDD

I came here from a video parodying this, thinking that it was being overally harsh and that it couldn't POSSIBLY be this bad. After all, I watched and actually liked Brawl Taunts. To some degree, anyway.

Well, to make a short story shorter. It WAS that bad. Very, very bad. Sorry. No stars.

This was well thought of and well put together. I don't know what is with the hate. I think it is all personal stuff that has nothing to do with the actual video persay, but welcome to retard-net. Anyways this wasn't as hilarious as the crude version that parody this video, but this video was still a funny one. Thanks for making and sharing it.

Akuma properly regrets having those happy endings at that brothels he goes to after his battles at the tournaments. XD

It was obvious that Rina-Chan and her tasteless jokes created this the moment I saw Akuma's hospital one. They are so forced and eventually make the video have an awkward vibe to it.
The animation on the other hand was pretty well done.
Basically this get's one star for the animation and another for actually trying.
Keep up the good work though Scoot.