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Reviews for "Street Fighter Club"

I expected better

Based on this author's previous work this was his worst better luck next time

unoriginal, and boring

this sucked dick. it was boring, and i did not laugh. Why was the king from zelda in there? he is not in street fighter. Why was sonic in there? and why did the feel like that had to say the game? This sucks


is apparently Rina-chan's other alias. this is vomit, but with a suit on it. Making it appeal to the 12 year old populace in exchange for creativity.


I gave 1 star because the animation isn't bad, but everything else is. Street Fighter Chode is much more entertaining.


This was so horrible I had to make an account just to express my feelings of disgust. It's like you took random quotes and memes and threw them in a blender. No thought behind anything. Blech.