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Reviews for "Street Fighter Club"

Hell yeah for the jokes ^-^

Allow me to give reason for this 10 rate, You see, I don't care if these are old jokes are new jokes, I just love hearing them, And not forgetting them brings a smile to my face, I love how cool and funny you did the characters and I love how cute Chun-Li is.

The script is awesome, it's well laid out and I think the script fits in with the characters and I find the jokes relevent to most of the character's personality, Like Guile's Sonic Boom and Sonic CD intro theme, And a simple fact that I love Trauma Center of the scene between Angie and Akuma, to me that was hillarious, And the part where Bison says he's the dictator, I almost choked laughing!

It's almost a shame there isn't any more of Street Fighter Club, Because most Street Fighter flashes are rude and disgusting.

So thats the reason for why I AM rating this a 10, Heck I can even think of more things to say here but I don't want to take up a whole page. xD

Honestly I'm sick of these

Enough with the memes on newgrounds, I'm pretty sure most of the faggots on here that use meme have never been on /b/ or are newfags, please just stop its dumb.

Well.. it sucked

using memes wont help your cause
just do something original and fun not this junk *facepalm*


This was a waste of good animating.

Great animating but ruined with stupid jokes.....

I actually thought it was funny

The jokes weren't old for me :O but then again I haven't watched a lot of street fighter parodies.

But Rina-Chan's versatility in voice acting is kind of limited o__o hearing her voice 3 characters so close together kind of makes it more obvious.