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Reviews for "Street Fighter Club"


It was alright I guess.


Skoot, you're style is great when you take your time, but this seemed rushed.
Rina seemed to use the same voice for several characters.
The references seemed awkward.
The few original jokes in there were good.
Better then some stuff I've seen back in 2009.

Like, Seriously.

Rina-chan, you've done so much great stuff. I especially liked you in brawl taunts and VG Exiles. That being said, WTF IS THIS SHIT. I thought street fighter chode was a joke, but everything they made fun of actually happened. what were you thinking?

Runka Chunk is synonmous with failure

What was that?? Jesus christ! I could have my friend spics mcgee over here shit on a piece of paper and it would be funnier than this. God rina-chan! get a REAL JOB!!!!!


Horrible writing, overused jokes. Bad voicing.

The animation on the other hand, is actually pretty good. But animation is only half of what makes a good flash animation. If you were to actually put effort into making something original instead of using 50 year old internet memes that a 12 year old weeaboo wouldn't find funny, this could actually have potential.

The guy who is animation this shit needs to look elsewhere, he wasted his talent animating this horrible piece of shit.