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Reviews for "Street Fighter Club"

I've seen worse...

Let's be honest. Was it great? No. But was it really that terrible? No. It made me laugh a couple of times, even if the jokes were mostly based on memes and worn-out character references. But hey, isn't that the point of a submission like this? I don't think anybody involved was trying to create a work of art.

I get it now

I now understand why I liked brawl taunts because I was new to the internet but over the years from hearing the memes and what not I now understand that they were not that good. but this... the animation is not that great the jokes made no sense but hey we all make mistakes. I DO NOT BLAME THE ANIMATER HE DID NOT WRITE THIS


Haaahaaa black guy play FarmVille, that's funny because you don't expect a young athletic black man to play farm ville on FACEBOOK, and all these jokes about current events, haahaha you're so funny Rina-Chan.... and definitely not a man.


Street Fighter Chode was better. Just sayin'


As an avid street fighter fan and competitive player, I can honestly say that this wasn't funny in the least. The jokes were awful, over used, and made no sense. The whole thing was just a giant mess, especially the script. I found Brawl taunts to be somewhat entertaining, but I was a mindless 15 year old who really liked smash at the time, what did I know about good humor? Now I see this. This mess of a flash with a terrible script, terrible jokes, and terrible voice acting. Spazkid was right about this flash, and made a response flash that was funnier than Rina-Chan could ever hope to be nowadays.

The cameos were just annoying as hell. The King? Sonic? The King had no purpose in the flash, and we've all heard the comparison to Guile's sonic boom and Sonic the hedgehog.

The animating was decent, but it couldn't redeem this piece of garbage.