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Reviews for "Street Fighter Club"


this just didn't have anything good going on at all, it didn't have any meaning or thought out humor to it at all


That was pretty good. And fuck the other reviews.

What a shame

This movie really deserves a higher score. Much higher than a 1.75. Nobody has anything good to say about it, but I really liked it. It's not fucking spam, some effort was put into this! I didn't understand most of this mess, but I did laugh at one joke and it was far from a waste of my time. Come on, people, don't be haters.

And keep up the unique work!

It's Decent...

...but maybe you should stick to voice acting Rina-Chan, and not give these trolls any more ammo.


5/10 Because It's Rina Chan But How Could You Write This Bad Rina Chan Street Fighter Chode Was Right....T_T