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Reviews for "Street Fighter Club"

i like da music intro

read the credits guy, rina chan wrote the script and the jokes. a fact that i would hide if it were my name on it.

not bad animation, but the fact that your animating this script? that will lose you 4 1/2 stars right there.

Love you Scoot.
Ken looks like Link from UO :3
Oh, about the score?
I didn't laugh a single time =\ I don't blame you you didn't do the script ^^
Love your animation

bottom line, rina chan sucks at everythign she does. this is garbage

I agree with the Author's first comment. This definitely is different. I didn't find anything in this funny to be honest. Maybe it was the overused jokes, i have no idea. The animation itself was alright but the entire thing as a whole... Just... I will not rewatch :/