Reviews for "falcon wing"

it soo cool

i like playing with asdw and needs more upgrad's but good game 10/9 5/4

Nicely done.

Updates from previous review would be nice :)


Very fun and entertaining. Once you get all the upgrades, it gets a bit repetitive. There should be some more upgrades and different stages though.

Nice game

Got the game beaten in the 5'th try (yay) , but still it entertained me for half an hour ;) good job m8. - love the upgrades, it makes the game much more fun.

It lags if you tab the mouse really fast while fully upgraded, maybe you could make the next one more smooth?

- *All considered this was a pretty fun game* -

Great. But...

only takes about 5 min to buy everything. very user over powered. really easy game.