Reviews for "falcon wing"

LOL Wut.

It was too easy. Upgrade everything, spam specials 2 and 3. Special 2 will rack up enough kills to refill your specials bar while special 3 shields you. By the time they cool down, you can re-use them immediately.

After about 10 minutes, I yawned and accidentally died.

Literally muted my computer's master volume. Music isn't bad, but gimme a break.


This game made me laugh. It took you 2 days to make this crap, well that's 2 days too many. I can't believe this got frontpage. When i started playing it and saw how crappy it was i just started laughing non-stop, thank you for that.

it's simple but...

it gets hard too fast. I mean I like the graphics and everything but the game play just gets hard too fast. You need to tone it don't just a little bit. And just some suggestions:
1. Make more music so we can choose a music we want to listen too.
2. Make the direction keys with the arrow keys and not AS D W.
3. Make different ships avialible.
4. Make a health/shield restoring in the shop.
5. Make a health and shield upgrading availible in the shop.
6. Cooldown time after each wave of enemies.
That's all I can think of right now.

Anywho... try to spend much more time then two days to make a great game. This one... just needs ALOT more work done to it when what you have right now.


Any game that blasts crappy music with no apparent way to turn it down gets an automatic 0.