Reviews for "falcon wing"


Hey :)

This game is ok, though it is far to easy, once u have got a couple of the upgrades its a lot easier then the specials take the biscuit. i just sat and pushed 1,2,3 as i didnt need to click anymore.


I'll give this a 6. Its ok. but it could do with more work. It plays nicely. Could do with a continue option. Well done on the front page! Firends in high places?

donĀ“t rush it

This game had a lot of potential, you should have spent some time with balancing the difficulty.
After 2 minutes you have enough money to buy every upgrade after this you sit in the middle of the screen and spam random 123... and to my surprise this game had an "mission accomplish" screen.... but somehow i doubt there are many player who have the endurance to play it so far.


Needs work.

Lose the music especially.

its ok

the music is annoying, and you can get all the upgrades rather quickly, but you need them when you start getting COMPLETELY swamped. you need a shiled upgrade/replenish. try adding some pick0up upgrades, like temp shield or temp insta kill. 3/5