Reviews for "falcon wing"

Entertained Me

i only played it like 5 mins cuz i keep dying where those orange things surround me and rape me XD but was iight 5/10 + 2/5

Too easy

Music 8/10
Artwork 6/10
Upgrade system 5/10 ( too cheap, not much to choose from, can't upgrade shield/dmg)
Control system 8/10 ( easy to master, no tutorial)
Storyline/Final goal 3/10 ( no story, no highscore top board)
Bosses 0/10 (no means no)
My conclusion - no more than 5/10

P.S.Got bored on 2164431 so may be have't seen even a half of the game... if this is so... Where the heck is saving option?!

to easy

Sry but its to easy, i got all upgrades after 5 minutes, you need to get more harder enemie's cuz you only need to shoot in a circle to take all enemie's and the 3 Specials are overpowered.

nead's more time

you need too spend more time working on the game if you doo it could be a loot better

LOL Wut.

It was too easy. Upgrade everything, spam specials 2 and 3. Special 2 will rack up enough kills to refill your specials bar while special 3 shields you. By the time they cool down, you can re-use them immediately.

After about 10 minutes, I yawned and accidentally died.

Literally muted my computer's master volume. Music isn't bad, but gimme a break.