Reviews for "falcon wing"

lol good game

the music got kinda repettive after about an hour (WHICH IS HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO FREAKING DIE!!!) the specials really do take the piss

Easy peasy

It's a fun game but you make it too easy. I don't know about other people, but on my computer if you click a whole lot the game slows down, which makes it possible to click extremely fast and shoot much faster than autofire.

Good, but...

At first it was pretty fun, but once you get all the upgrades, all you have to do it spin in circles using your specials.... so it got repetitive.
You should have level breaks and more upgrades

very nice game - bit needs boss monsters!

also, once i reached 4.6 million in score it had been a while since i'd bought all the upgrades and was basically just spamming only them - not even bothering to move or shoot on my own

its like the game ran itself from that point

Great shooter!

This is a good shooter and very fun! The graphics are good and music is fitting although one song gets very repetitive and old after a bit. It's very easy to die for shooter noobs like me, since there appears to be no way to regain shield power. Also, I have noticed that once you get a certain set up, the game because boring and monotonous and nothing can touch you. It's an over all good ga,e, but the problem needs to be addressed before another one is made.