Reviews for "Heavy Gunner"

Well made

A very well made game all around, everything in it is solid and functional, only small problems to be addressed really. First being that my screen couldn't fit the entire game, I can't think of a reason why you would need a large game screen instead of small characters and enemies but ah well, its done right?

Wonderful visuals. Only things I will say are that there is very little visual difference between a regular shot and a charged shot and that all shot sprites appear to be the same sprite just with a different size or behaviour.

As I couldn't see the whole game screen I can't be sure if there was a meter or some sot of indication to let you know when a powerup was coming, if there wasn't, there needed to be. Would also give the player a reason to move aside from dodging enemy shots.

Also: I am playing on a laptop, so controlling the ship with a touchpad mouse was awkward. Try having a second control setup or laptop users. All it really means is having some keys to fire and angle your gun really.

But dont take too much of this criticism to heart, you have a brilliant game and one I have definitely enjoyed playing. 7/10

The game is nice, but the screen

My problem with it that screen is big for my 19 inch screen to fit everything and I am force to to cut corners and miss anything important. I don't know if this problem is with everyone.

Other than that this nice shoot em up.


What I'd feel would make this a great addition is an overhaul in all aspects of the game, get it a bit harder, make the enemies more cunning, try to make it about more than back n forth, shoot and gain. Its done too often in this business and you guys're clearly better than that. But thats just nit-picking. I had a good time, thanks for the work.

It's like what Cleveland says...

You don't actually win you just do a little bit better each time.

Too hard, way too quick.

I can't even tell if there is a third level. The enemies go from sparse or swarm in no time at all. Needs to be rebalanced.